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Tuna (70%), salt solution (30%)

How to use:

Open the lid of the instant box or process it into other dishes as you like


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight


Do not use products that have expired. Do not use the product for people who are allergic to the ingredients in the product



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Nowadays, canned fish has become one of the most popular food items due to its convenience and abundant source of nutrients. Canned ocean tuna is one of the products that customers love.

Rich and fragrant layer of nutritious oil

185g canned ocean tuna in oil is a product that brings the taste of ocean tuna. With 70% of the product consisting of ocean tuna meat, vegetable oil, and spices, the product will give you the sense of the rich and tender meat along with a fragrant, delicious and unique vegetable oil layer.

Used as an ingredient for cooking various dishes

With this product, you may feel overwhelmed after heating and consuming it directly with white rice because of the fatty vegetable oil layer in the product. Therefore, you should combine the product with vegetables, roots, and various sauces to make a fragrant, delicious and unique tuna salad. In addition, canned ocean tuna is also suitable for making tuna sandwiches for children or making fragrant, delicious and unique tuna rolled eggs.

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